Dog Walking 

60 Minute Walk £12.00

30 Minute Walk £7.00 - (Minimum walk time)

extra £1 added on to price for weekend walks

£2.00 Extra Per Additional Dog

All dogs must be capable of walking on a lead, and they will be walked in the local area.

Dog Boarding- In our home 

£25 per night and £5 per additional dog 

Doggie Day Care

In your home or our home

When your going on holiday, working away or working full time, its nice to know that your dog is in good care. I offer a sitting service in your own home meaning your dog can stay where they feel safe. I can visit your dog, and each call can include feeding them, walking them, letting them out, and play time. 

I advise having three short visits a day (morning, afternoon and bedtime). 

  • Less stressful for your dog than kennels
  • Has the added benefit of knowing that your home is secure and being checked daily
  • Ideal for weekend breaks or long holidays, or if you decide to go out for the day!

The prices range from £15.00 a day to £20.00 a day (depending on the area).

Overnight sitting- in the owners home

When you work nights, going on holiday, or going away for a few days, I can stay in your home overnight and look after your pet(s). This is approx 12 hours. This is less stressful than putting your pet(s) in a kennel, I have worked in a kennel and I know that animals find it stressful, they are unhappy and they are not in the comfort of their home. Overnight sitting has the benefit of knowing your beloved pet(s) are happy and stress free in their own environment. Also you will know that your home is secure and safe, I can look after your pet(s) ,make sure your house is secure and anything else you require.

Overnight sitting is £35.00.

Pet Sitting

In your home

Cats- Going on holiday, or going away for a few days, or if you work long hours I can come and care for your cats, I can let them out, feed them and clean out their litter tray. This service means your cats normal routine is not disrupted and also has the added benefit of knowing your home is secure. £ 6.00 for half an hour visits.

Small animals- £5.50 for half an hour visits.
(any animals, for example, hamsters, fish, chickens etc)

With my pet sitting services I can water your plants, put the bins out, draw curtains, or anything else you require.

*Free Meet and Greet*

When you book with Happy Paws, I will make an appointment with you so I can meet you first and get to know you and your beloved pet or pets! I will give you a booking form to complete also.
Cancellations Policy- I would prefer 24 hours notice if you decide to cancel, if you cancel on the day the full charge is still due.